Hishidai Packs produces eco-friendly tea bags.
Many major corporations including Japanese-tea manufacturers,
large commercial complexes, accommodation businesses,
and entertainment facilities have chosen Hishidai Packs as their partner for tea-bag filling.

Three excellent characteristics of Hishidai Packs


Hishidai Packs uses security cameras and in-house surveillance cameras to prevent food fraud. Hishidai Packs takes strict measures to prevent insect/mouse contamination and comply with management standards and regulations, to produce top-quality tea bags.


Tea-bag processing is continuously monitored by video-camera, while operators visually check all processed items.


Hishidai Packs rapidly handles straight processing from tea-bag filling (Japanese tea, black tea, health tea, etc.) to packing and packaging. Hishidai Packs produces a total of 120 million tea bags per year. (Data for 2020)

Tea bags

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One-stop solution

Filling of tea leaves

Tea-bag processing

Packing and packaging

Hygiene control

Air shower

Air showers are placed at the doors of the factory. (Falling-bacteria inspection, twice a year) Of course, sticky-roller cleaning and hand-washing are conducted, to ensure strict hygiene control.

Insect-repelling shutter

A triple structure at the entrance securely keeps out insects and dust. Also, the entire factory is inspected each month.

Quality management

Strategies including accurate machine checking and visual quality checking by inspectors are taken to ensure quality. Hishidai Packs' tea-bag packaging uses double-chamber & no-staple machinery. The machinery is accredited with FSSC22000:2018 (UKAS), an international Food Safety Management System, which is the highest level in the world.


Hishidai Packs INC.

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