Recommended operating environment

[ Usable devices ]

Hishidai Packs' corporate website (hereinafter referred to as "this website") can be used with PCs, smartphones, and tablet PCs, but not with feature phones.

Note: Even with usable devices, this website might not work properly depending on your model of device and usage environment.

[ Web browsers ]

This website works with the recommended browsers listed below. If you are using older versions or different browsers, this website might not work properly (corruption of displayed text and figures, improper transmission/receipt of mailforms, etc.).

Recommended browsers

Google Chrome (latest version)
Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
Apple Safari (latest version)
Microsoft Edge (latest version)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (latest version) (Versions older than Windows 10 are not covered.)

Privacy policy

[ Policy on handling of customers' personal information ]

Regarding personal information supplied by customers, we consider that we have a social responsibility as a company to properly handle customers' personal information based on this privacy policy. Therefore, we protect and respect personal information as listed below.

[ Purpose of use of personal information ]

In order to answer different types of inquiries and to provide services, we ask customers to provide personal information.

[ Changes in privacy policy ]

We will comply with applicable laws and rules for personal information and, when appropriate, we might review and revise the contents of this privacy policy. Therefore, please visit our website and check this page for our latest privacy policy.